Quiz Simkom 1 Model Building part 1

20 May

Model Building

Simulation is often used:

  • no suitable theoretical model exists
  • the problem is so complex that a theoretical model cannot represent the interrelationships properly.
    Simulation is ’the imitative representation of the functioning of one system or process by means of the functioning of another’
  • Simulation is “the modeling of a process or system in such a way that the model mimics the response of the actual system to events that take place over time.”
  • By studying the behavior of the model, insight about the behavior of the actual system can be gained.
  • In practice,
  1. Simulation is performed using commercial simulation software.
  2. Performance statistics are gathered during the simulation
  3. Modern simulation software provides a realistic, graphical animation of the system being modeled.
  4. During the simulation, the user can interactively adjust the animation speed and change model parameter values to do “what-if” analysis on the fly.
  5. State-of-the art simulation technology provides optimization capability

Why we choose to simulate?

  • Simulation provides a way to validate whether or not the best decisions are being made.
  • Simulation avoid the expensive, time-consuming, and disrupted nature of traditional trial-and-error techniques.
  • The power of simulation lies in the fact that it provides a method of analysis that is not only formal and predictive, but is capable of accurately predicting the performance of a system.
  • By using a computer to model a system before it is built or to test operating policies before they are actually implemented, many of the pitfalls can be avoided

When Simulation is Appropriate

  • Not all system problemsthat could be solved with the aid of simulation should be solved using simulation,
  • It is important to select the right toolfor the task.
  • Simulation has certain limitationsof which one should be aware before making a decision to apply it to a given situation.
  • As a general guideline, simulation is appropriate if:
  1.  An operational (logical or quantitative) decision is being made.
  2. The process being analyzed is well defined and repetitive.
  3. Activities and events are interdependent and variable.
  4. The cost impact of the decision is greater than the cost of doing the simulation.
  5. The cost of experiment on the actual system is greater than the cost of simulation.

The process of  simulation experimentation


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